Chief Marketing Officer

Your responsibilities will be to develop and execute our growth strategy including both, customer acquisition and retention marketing. In this senior position you will be directing the work of branding and content creation teams as well as work closely with our tech team to set the roadmap and drive efficiency of the customer funnel.

At Dive Health we have developed an approach that significantly reduces the pain, time to find the right treatment and financial burden of migraine sufferers. Your role will be to ensure that our service reaches the heavily underserved 36 million migraine sufferers in the US to help ease their pain and gain back control of their daily lives. You will be directly reporting to the CEO and work fully remotely but closely with our highly interdisciplinary team.

Dive Health is backed by Y Combinator, Illumina and top US VCs.



  • Develop and implement customer acquisition and retention strategies.
  • Oversee content creation.
  • Execute content distribution (online + offline).

Key examples:

  • Source, analyze and translate quantitative data about customers into marketing strategies.
  • Create convincing communication strategies in which objectives, target groups, product messages, measures and channels are precisely defined.
  • Opportunity sizing: use customer data to size audiences and the monetization opportunity and allocate budgets accordingly.
  • Coordinate with external agencies on branding.
  • Plan, manage, execute, and report on all ad campaigns as well as work with external agencies.
  • Translate customer feedback into new product development and own the growth strategy into those newly identified opportunities.
  • Develop and implement digital marketing campaigns using data analysis to review and optimize campaign performance.
  • A/B testing, develop and execute test-and-learn programs against new targets, messages, etc.
  • Cooperate with our team to build dashboards for measuring and sharing results on business-critical KPIs related to growth (volume, CAC, retention, LTV/payback) and own achievement of weekly and monthly KPIs.
  • Cooperate with our team and external design agencies on content creation (articles, blogs, social media posts, ads, videos, offline marketing, etc.)
  • Competitor insight.


  • Strong B2C experience, particularly online marketing.
  • Cross-channel digital ads expertise, e.g. certifications in Facebook, Google Ads, etc.
  • Strong track record of effective collaboration with branding, creative and product development teams.
  • Both a strong strategic thinker, with the ability to translate quantitative and qualitative data/insights into strong marketing strategies, and a highly organized “doer,” with a data-driven mentality and a bias towards action.
  • Proven ability to leverage multiple data sources to develop hypotheses and execute rapid test and learn strategies.
  • Experience in a growth-stage company is highly preferred.
  • Experience managing teams is ideal, as you will manage SEO/content creation colleagues in the short to mid-term and work closely with branding / design agencies.
  • Experience in SEO / PPC is desirable.

Hiring contact Roman Rothaermel

(CEO, Co-founder):

Who we are

Dive Health is the first personalized migraine clinic. We use a combination of DNA and a remote clinical assessment to figure out which treatment will work best for any given migraine patient - and we deliver it directly to their door.

We are 5 Oxford PhDs who left academia to make personalized medicine accessible and convenient. We are first aiming to help large but heavily underserved groups of patients, such as migraine sufferers, but our approach is readily applicable to many other disease areas such as anxiety, depression, epilepsy and cardiovascular conditions. These opportunities are on our roadmap in the near to mid-term future. We have clinically validated our approach in collaboration with Illumina, the largest genomic sequencing provider in the world and we are supported by headache specialists from Harvard Medical School and Oxford Headache Center, leading investors in the field and Y Combinator.

We are passionate about creating a diverse workplace where our people feel that they belong and can reach their full potential. Diverse teams make better decisions and are proven to be more innovative and we are looking for a new member to add new thinking and perspective to our team. If you are a team player, optimistic, resilient and have a “figure-stuff-out” attitude, you will fit right in - and if you thrive on innovation, and working at pace there's a huge opportunity to excel, develop and advance your career.

We look forward to meeting you!